Friday, July 6, 2012

The use of teamwork in nursing is important for providing quality, efficient care to patients. Nursing has become so competitive that many have forgotten what makes up a great functioning nursing unit. Too many nurses are not helping each other out and leaving others behind to face patient care issues alone. All patients should belong to all nurses and some nurses should not feel as though problems aren’t theirs if it doesn’t involve their assigned patients. Teamwork is essential to nursing and when one nurse on a nursing unit looks bad…all nurses look bad through a patient’s eyes. Patients can also sense the lack of teamwork on nursing units when one nurse is drowning, while the others sit at the nursing station and chat about the latest hospital gossip. As nurses and co-workers, we need to make sure that other nurses are caught up and don’t need help. That being said doesn’t mean you should slack on your share of getting as much work done as you can for the patient yourself. Teamwork is a type of support that should keep nursing units functioning like a well-oiled machine. Basically, everyone should understand that nursing is not about the competiveness and who gets done first. It is about patients receiving the best of care from a group of hard-working, team-oriented group of nurses.